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I Write Killer Copy For Tech Companies That

Generate Leads (And Don't Require A Degree From MIT To Understand).



,I'm Amber,

I turn complex, technical concepts into engaging,
easy to read blogs, emails, web copy, user guides (and more) that drive the intended action.
So, say goodbye to dry, analytical content and hello to copy that reads more like a conversation than a rote list of facts.

No matter the project, I'll craft high-quality, user-friendly content for all humans.


What People Say

"Amber was very responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the project. She was also able to understand our technical field (server management) with minimal discussion and then turned our notes into copy fit for publication on our website. We will definitely work with her again."

Eric Houvenaghel, Ytria


Companies I've Worked With



You speak IT. Acronyms like SDK, RDMS, and OOP make up a majority of your vocabulary. Well, I can explain all that to your clients...in English. So, whether you need blog content about your latest software plugin, an email announcing the launch of said software plugin or a step-by-step user guide showing your clients how to use that software plugin, I'll translate your tech-speak into killer copy that engages your clients, drives ROI, and keeps you at the top of your game.




Resource Magazine in Brooklyn, New York, tasked me with writing an article comparing and contrasting two of the hottest electronics on the market at the time all while keeping the magazine's witty, no-nonsense voice. 

Ytria is a software company that makes products to help administrators (and developers) work with more speed, insight, and accuracy. They recently launched an update to their sapio365 plug-in and hired me to write a user guide explaining the new features.

Ytria's Tech Lab division hired me to re-write an article teaching users how to eliminate false positives using a software program they created. Ytria Tech Lab wanted the article to be more engaging and the complex processes clearer.

6 Tech-Savvy Father's Day Gifts for the Not So Tech-Savvy Dad is an article featuring awesome yet simple tech gifts. From electric bicycles to an indoor garden that waters itself, tech doesn't have to be complicated to be innovative.

As a tech writer for Etkely, I research, curate, and write engaging gadget reviews about tech that's changing the way we do life. This review focuses on the Click & Grow: Smart Garden, a near hands-free home garden.

From racial bias to sexism to training models showing signs of cunning and aggression to get what they want, AI is imitating some of the worst of human behavior. This Etekly article titled "The Ethical Dilemma of Artificial Intelligence" explores some of these issues and how tech giants like Google are working to solve them.



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